Convivir Colorado

We were born out of the need to address the problem that youth from immigrant and refugee families lack the resources to fight rampant xenophobia and heal from their trauma.

In the Moonshot Fellowship, our founder, Tania Chairez, ideated using a Liberatory Design framework, held empathy interviews to fully understand our community, ran pilots to test demand, capacity, and efficacy, and ultimately launched amidst a global pandemic!


Our Theory of Change was co-created with our community and is guided by our values and our beliefs.

Our Values are:

We are fulfilled when we are AUTHENTIC to ourselves by living in our truth and finding our role in the social change ecosystem

We find JUSTICE when we take advantage of knowledge, resources, and opportunities to fight inequities

We need a COMMUNITY because we can’t do this work alone

Our Beliefs are:

YOUTH impacted by migration experience real-world problems as well as real joy

They have the POWER to make real-world impact by being their authentic selves and engaging community

Providing them with INTER-GENERATIONAL and HOLISTIC support and resources will enable them to speak up and take action against injustices

We theorize that IF we create spaces that feature:


To heal the traumas from country of origin, migration journey, and the harsh attacks of US policies

Artistic Expression

To provide a way to synthesize the complex world around us in the face of uncertainty

Community Building

To uplift a network of intergenerational support


Students will feel empowered to thrive in their authenticity and use their leadership skills to build a more just society for all

Our programs reflect our holistic approach

Out-of-school journey where each of the 5 programs build on each other and increase in life application

School-based programming that creates community hubs of support for our youth

Community-wide engagement that highlights an immigrant and refugee friendly ecosystem

Our Outcomes

Strengthened sense of self as they build pride in their migrant identity and hone in on their own skills.

Cultivated community as they build power and intergenerational networks.

Amplified agency as they practice using their leadership and voice.

Constructed change as they increase their community’s access and uplift pro-immigrant and pro-refugee narratives.

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